The Mother Lode - Organic California Hass avocados

The Mother Lode - Organic California Hass avocados

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By popular request we now offer a big box option. This is a USPS large flat rate box packed with as many avocados as can fit. Usually 12 pounds (or 16-20) pieces of Hass fruit, shipped to your door. Great if you're hosting a party or just plan to eat a lot of avocados! Read our suggestions on ripening for tips on how to stagger the ripening time so you can enjoy the whole box. 

I frequently am asked about fruit bruising in such a large box. The truth is that green avocados are really, really tough. There is absolutely no bruising or loss of quality due to this method of shipping. I've actually seen green avocados dropped from atop a 20' tree turn out absolutely perfect. Just don't try that with a ripe one!

You can generally expect the fruit to ripen 3-5 days after you place the order. 

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