Organic California GEM Avocados (9 count)

Organic California GEM Avocados (9 count)

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Certified organic, California grown GEM avocados.  Perfect for avocado toast, guacamole or salads or a thousand other great recipes. Nine count (if it will fit!), 5-6 pounds of fruit. These are large avocados and will completely fill a medium flat rate box!

The GEM variety is a relative newcomer to California farms. The fruit is very similar tasting to Hass but the GEM is larger, with slightly thicker dark skin that is flecked with gold lenticulars. Excellent piece of fruit to eat and look at! Many markets on the West coast are selling these marketed as 'Premuim avocados' very soon. Try them out here first!

All orders ship within 24 hours. Avocados usually arrive within 3 days! 

We send all orders USPS Priority for $10. You can generally expect the fruit to ripen 6-8 days after you place the order. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all orders.