Artisan Avocado Toast Soap

Artisan Avocado Toast Soap

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If you missed the Fuerte avocado last winter, you can get a piece of it now, in the form of …. soap!

Our avocado soaps are full of fresh Fuerte avocado from our farm.  They look good enough to eat ... almost. In addition, our soap formula has 40% of avocado oil & avocado butter in it.  Beside avocado goodness, we also have other skin loving oils & butters to keep your skin moist after a shower.  Oatmeal provides some gentle exfoliation, Acai berry fragrance and Tangerine essential oil give these avocado toast bars a clean & sweet scent. You'll absolutely love this! 

Acai Berry fragrance:

Top notes: Acai berries

Mid notes: Cherry, Plum, Violet petals

Base notes: Woods

(They are phthalate-free, palm-free, and no ingredient is CA Prop 65 Reportable)

Note: our soaps are made in a facility that has trace of sweet almond oil.  

 Active Ingredients: Farm fresh Fuerte avocado, avocado butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, shea butter, soy bean oil, Tangerine essential oil, fresh heavy cream, Acai berry fragrance oil,  Himalayan sea salt, oat meal, poppy seeds, colorants, sodium hydroxide, water

**All soaps weigh 4.3 to 4.9 oz due to being hand cut**