Why Organic?

Organically grown in the beautiful hills of De Luz, California, you can be assured that no pesticides, herbicides or growth hormones were used to produce these avocados. By almost every metric, growing organic is a better way to farm. From producing a better piece of fruit to using natural means of controlling pests and weeds to applying fertilizers that improve soil instead of depleting it, organic farming is just better!  

Recent news has, once again, demonstrated the importance of avoiding foods treated with pesticides and herbicides. There is often times a 'lag time' between research in human health with respect to the foods we consume. There was not a large amount of direct evidence, until relatively recently, that RoundUp actually can cause harm to humans. But now there is evidence and who can be surprised about that? This is even more true for pesticides. Industry works to create a cloud of confusion in regards to the safety of their products and eventually the consumer ends up being the test animal. No thanks! Even more frightening is the level of protection we have against imported fruit. Sure, there are pesticide residue testing laws, but how well are they enforced? Is this even feasible to do? 

As we continue to learn more and more about the importance of sustainable and healthy farming practices, it becomes clear that one method of farming stands above the rest. Thank you for supporting organic agriculture!


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